Beauty lives in ideal proportions


The BeautiPHIcationTM calipers create objective parameters necessary for maximizing each individual’s facial beauty.

PHI relationships can be approached for all facial features and rely on the establishment of smooth ogee curves in all dimensions. Once aesthetic goals have been determined, a logical syntax is used to create an algorithm for selecting products and procedures. The methodology leads to consistent and natural-looking results with a high rate of patient satisfaction.



$795 USD
  • 1 set of stainless steel BeautiPHIcation™ calipers
  • Dr. Swift’s instructional videos teaching the BeautiPHIcation™ method
  • Includes detailed female and male measurements
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BeautiPHIcation™ Effect


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Global Reach: 61 Countries, 250+ Cities

BeautiPHIcation™ is a universal concept that is applicable regardless of race or ethnicity. Studies have shown that individual attractiveness converges as we move up the aesthetic scale.

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The Reviews Are In

Dr. Swift’s BeautiPHIcation techniques have vastly changed the way I practice and assess my patients - and his calipers have been a key tool in this process. I have found that explaining to patients is not the same as SHOWING them; they want to tangibly see what I am referring to. I can demonstrate this through the vision of the calipers. They have been worth their weight in gold.
Dina BenDavid, DNP
Edgartown, MA
The use of the BeautiPHIcation calipers has enhanced the consultation process and personalized the treatment plan for all my patents. Using the calipers has also increased my accuracy with product placement. They have become an essential part of my practice.
Patricia Goodwin, RGN NIP
North Wales & Chester, United Kingdom
My BeautiPHIcation Caliper is one of my favorite assessment tools. Patients feel more confident in my recommendations because I can use the caliper to explain their proportions and aesthetic needs. It is a beautifully crafted tool and well worth the investment.
Andrea Cotton, BSN
Virginia Beach, VA
The BeautiPHIcation caliper along with Dr Swift’s injection techniques have changed my entire approach to volume restoration. Now I can create better facial symmetry and harmony with far less product. I even use the caliper to help plan out my surgeries when performing structural fat grafting.
James Platis, MD
Chicago, IL
I completely share Dr Swift's view on conserving natural beauty. His caliper is an essential tool in my daily practice. I highly recommend it to my fellow practitioners.
Marta Duarte, MD
Lisbon, Portugal
The BeautiPHIcation caliper is an invaluable tool for facial assessment during cosmetic consultation. It ensures that you treat the face as a whole and provide each patient a personalized plan for facial enhancement. It has helped me better identify key aesthetic targets that yield consistent, natural, and predictable results.
Rishi Gandhi, MD
Dayton, OH
The Swift BeautiPHIcation calipers are an integral part of my practice, and paramount to optimizing my patients’ results. The BeautiPHIcation method enables me to translate the concept of the Golden Ratio into something tangible for my patients. They love this extra special touch, and I am able to be certain I am giving the best results I can.
Jill Caruso, RN
New York, NY
The BeautiPHIcation Caliper is an excellent tool for providers to measure, guide and visualize the golden ratio.The calipers also give patients an opportunity to feel confident that our assessment and landmarks are being accurately measured. These calipers are well made, easy to use and I love when my patient feels they are getting an extra touch of expertise and precision.
Vicky Sokol, BSN
Arlington Heights, IL
I have to thank Dr. Swift for the incredible impact he has had on my injection career. The BeautiPHIcation caliper has become an essential confidence tool - not only for myself, but also for those who I am injecting.
Andries Van Schalwyk, MD
Cape Town, South Africa
I have found my BeautiPHIcation calipers to be an incredibly useful tool in evaluating my patients' faces. It helps me confirm what I see when I do my visual assessment, and it is a great little device with which to educate the patient as well. I own 3 of them (just in case I lose one)!
Ellen Gendler, MD
New York, NY
The caliper is a multipurpose tool which assists practitioners with everything from simple measurements to the most complex ones. Patients highly value the professional's care and technique and find the association with the golden ratio and beauty very interesting. I love it, and my patients love it too.
Vanessa Thiesen, MD
Florianópolis, Brasil
Dr. Swift's caliper allowed me to demonstrate to my clients that what I do combines science and art. Clients are very impressed by seeing me measure and analyze their faces, I feel it gives them confidence in my technique. This tool has enabled me to deliver much more precise and beautiful results to my patients.
Carlos Bravo, MD
San José, Costa Rica
The BeautiPHIcation caliper is my favorite tool in my aesthetic dermatology toolbox. It helps me define each patient’s unique facial landscape - ensuring the best most natural cosmetic result.
Eva Simmons-O'Brien, MD
Towson, MD

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